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When love and commitment to become high quality .......
Welcome to the Breeding " Chihuahua " by Andrei Villa Messina
Is our pride in our website where you will have the possibility of direct access to our selected puppies, children of our samples and where you will have all the information on our work.

Who we are and where we are
L ' breeding Andrei Villa situated on the panoramic road overlooking the Strait of Messina is the fatal outcome of the meeting , which took place a long time ago with that wonderful creature that is the Chihuahua.Questo great little dog and deservedly took all our efforts and our total dedication.
In order to obtain highly selected subjects and the characteristics of which may result in lackluster characters , we have produced specimens that will surely have excelled in various competitions with placings of the first order . Breeding Villa Andrei wanted to keep intensely reduced the amount to privilege above all high quality and high throughput screening of litters.


Allevamento Barboncini Toy e Chihuahua di Villa Andrei
Di Antonino Sottile & Masha Goncharenko
Via Panoramica dello Stretto n. 1940
CELL. +39 371-3715651 - +39 331-7764252 - +39 339-7323968
TEL. +39 090-311240 - FAX + 39 090-311365
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